Challah Variations

We’ll keep a running tally of all the challahs I’ve made, as well as a few comments about each. If you’d like to order any of these, I’d be more than happy to whip up an extra batch for you.  Simply email me or fill out the form on the order page. Basic Challahs ($5 for a 1-lb loaf or 6 mini challahs)
  • Classic Egg — The original recipe that got me excited to make challah every week!
  • Whole Wheat — A slightly healthier blend of bread flour and whole wheat flour.  Every bit as delicious as the classic.
  • Cinnamon — Delicious and only slightly sweeter than the classic egg, but with a hint of cinnamon.
Not As Basic Challahs ($6 for a 1-lb loaf or 6 mini challahs)
  • Cocoa — There’s nothing sweet about these chocolaty challahs with a hint of cocoa and a rich chocolaty aroma
  • Pumpkin Spice — A subtle mix of pumpkin, cinnamon and other fall flavors
  • Cranberry — A splash of cranberry juice and mix-in of dried cranberries makes this a tart, sweet and delicious alternative
  • Peanut Butter — a smooth and creamy, peanut-buttery challah (excellent with chocolate chips!)
  • Apple — Apple juice and apples mixed in.  A midly sweet challah with apple essence.
  • Sweet Potato — The addition of sweet potatoes and a few spices make this challah taste nothing like sweet potatoes, for some reason.
  • Maple — Like Sunday morning breakfast, but without the stickiness, this sweet and rich challah has the aroma and subtle flavor of maple syrup and brown sugar
  • Gingerbread — the aroma of a gingerbread cookie baked into a challah, with a distinct but subtle gingerbread flavor
  • Orange — sweet and tangy with a distinct orange kick, these challahs are made with orange juice and orange zest, and go really well with orange-infused raisins mixed in!
  • Seeded Whole Wheat — better than it sounds, this healthy and delicious whole wheat challah includes oat bran, sunflower and sesame seeds inside and on top.
Even Less Basic (bordering on premium – $7 per 1-lb loaf)
  • Latke — Simply amazing – these challahs are flavored with garlic and onion, soft and moist thanks to the addition of a liberal amount of mashed potatoes in the dough, and put over-the-top with crispy mixed-in pieces of real home-made latkes
  • Garlic-Rosemary – Fresh roasted whole garlic cloves and hand-picked rosemary come together to form an excellent, moist and delicious challah
Challah Mix-ins (add $2 per loaf)
  • Pareve Chocolate Chips
  • Raisins
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Apples
Make It a Dessert Challah (add $3 per loaf) — includes the following:
  • Each strand of dough is coated with a pareve buttery cinnamon-sugar mixture
  • The completed challah is drizzled with a sweet glaze
  • The final product is reminiscent of a cinnamon roll!
Make It an Apple Pie Challah (add $4 per loaf) — includes everything above, as well as:
  • A rich layer of fresh sliced apples, smothered in brown sugar and cinnamon

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