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Week 30: Churros Challah

Churro(s) challah!!!

Is it churro or churros?  Is it like Dodgers and Lakers, where you dont know if that’s the actual name, or if they always pluralize it, even though there is a legitimate singular form?  Or is it like Vin Scully, where, as a kid, having never seen his name in writing, I was never sure if it was “Vin Scully” or “Vince Cully”.

Enough witty banter.  I refuse to do the research on this one, so Churros Challah is what we will call it.

How did I make it, you ask?  Start with the cinnamon challah recipe.  That’ll make your churro(s) dough.  That’s the easy part.  Now figure out how to make sugar and cinnamon stick to the outside of a baked challah.  Good luck.