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Week 22: Chocolate Strawberry Challah

chocolate and strawberries challah -- not as good as it sort of looks

Eww… This one was an epic failure.  I don’t even want to talk about it.  bleh. Valentines day is all about chocolate dipped strawberries, right?  So, shouldn’t a challah of chocolate and strawberries be the perfect pre-Valentines Day challah?  You’d think so… right?  Am I really the only one?  I guess there’s  a reason for that. Anyway, it did not turn out well.  I used frozen strawberries rather than fresh, because I didn’t have any fresh ones, and when they defrosted they turned to liquidy mush.  I think, more than anything else, that’s why the challah was a failure.  The strawberries sort of broke down and made the rest of the challah soggy. I made the chocolate challah (cocoa powder added to the normal challah recipe), with some chocolate chips and the strawberries.  That’s how I did it.  And I tell you this purely because if we don’t learn from our mistakes we’re bound to repeat them.  If only the Oscars host-selection committee took as diligent notes as I do…