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Week 25: Thin Mint Challah

For some reason, the idea of mint challah is just really unappealing to me.  Even now, after having made it and enjoyed it, I cringe when I think about it.

So, why did I do it?  I did it because the whole point of this blog, and this year of experimentation, is to see what sorts of crazy ideas could actually work.  And mint challah turned out to be delicious!

Don’t let the name fool you — although it is girl scout cookie season, unlike thin mint ice cream (a variation on traditional cookies and cream), these challahs don’t have chunks of thin mint cookies in them.  Rather, they are the essence of thin mint cookies — mint and chocolate.

I used the normal challah recipe, added a touch of peppermint extract, a dash of green food coloring, and mixed in some chocolate chips.  At the last minute (7 of the 8 cups of flour already in the mixer), I decided the color wasn’t green enough, so I dripped in a few more drops of green.  Lo and behold (is that the phrase?  seems weird when I look at it) the green didn’t mix in completely!  Instead, it left swirls of green in the otherwise very, very faintly green dough.  It was pretty cool!  Got a new trick up my sleeve for the next time!

When it was done and cooled, I covered it with the usual glaze (powdered sugar and water) with a small amount of peppermint extract, to give that fresh from the dentist minty deliciousness.

Overall, a brilliant dessert challah. Highly recommended.

Experiment – Jelly Donut Challah – SUCCESS!

Ok, so it’s not really that much of an experiment… but it was so good, I had to share it with you. I took the basic original egg challah dough and created some 2-ounce minis (that’s the size of all my minis).  After they baked and cooled, I took a knife and cut a small slit in the bottom of each.  I used a cake decorating piping tip and ziplock bag to inject normal strawberry jam into the middle (if I had a syringe, I would have used it, but the piping tip was adequate). I then made a batch of normal glaze (powdered sugar, a dash of vanilla and water) and drizzled it over the top. It was simply amazing!  The taste was spot-on with a jelly donut and the fresh, soft challah was easily mistakable for a real donut.  I’d HIGHLY recommend you try this next chanukah!