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Experiment — Cranberry-Lemonade Challah

What do you do when you have 40 mini challahs that are just so-so? Feed them to the dog. what if you dont have a dog?

Some things are never as good when you make them at home.  Take Thai iced tea for example.  Have you ever made a glass of Thai iced tea that has the same “where have you been all my life” effect that it has when you get it in a restaurant?  No. The answer is no.  It’s because you think to yourself, “I have most of the ingredients, but I’m sure I can use non-fat half and half instead of sweetened condensed milk. Plus it’ll be healthier.”  Well, you’re wrong. But I digress.  For some reason, when I’m experimenting with a new challah recipe, I have this image in my mind that it’ll turn out exactly like the flavor I’m trying to mimic.  In this case, I figured that I could replace the water in the challah recipe with cranberry juice and lemon juice, add a little extra sugar, and end up with an amazing and airy challah with the sweet, tart and refreshing flavor of the raspberry lemonades I used to drink at the Cheesecake Factory, before I realized that it’s basically as bad for you (if not worse than) a big glass of regular Coke. Let’s just say, Thai iced tea or cranberry lemonade challah — not as good as you’d expect when you make them at home (see how I tied that all together? So nicely too). Next time, I’ll try adding some lemon zest and dried cranberries and see if it makes the difference.  They’re not terrible, just not great either. Oh well.  It was still fun and exciting… Right up to the very first bite.