Order Challah

Here’s the thing… technically, since I currently make all my breads in a non-commercial, home kitchen, it’s against the health code to sell them.  So, you can’t pay me for the challahs. BUT… that doesn’t mean we can’t figure something out.  If you want some challahs for shabbat or a holiday celebration, please fill out the form below.  Maybe you can make a $5 donation to my son’s college fund, and as a way of saying thank you, I’ll bake you a free challah.  See… I’m clever like that. Check out the What I’ve Made page to see what’s available and at what suggested price, in addition to the challah of the week, which is always $5, then email me to order a challah or two.  Please note: special orders (which are basically pickup other than fridays and flavors other than what Im making that week) require a 2.5 lb minimum (which is the smallest batch of dough that I can make). All of my challahs are:
  • Baked in a Kosher home
  • Comprised of only pareve, hechtured ingredients
  • Free of any additives or preservatives (ya, they’ll get stale within a couple of days)
  • Optionally prepared for you par-baked, which means I took them out 5-minutes early and you’ll need to put them in your oven for a few minutes to finish the cooking process at home, just before you’re ready to serve them hot and fresh.
Why am I willing to “sell” them? Childcare is expensive! Jewish nursery school is even pricier.  And non-profit website design just doesn’t pay what it used to.  So, if I can bring in a few extra dollars each week by baking delicious challahs for friends, family and community members, that’s great!

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