Order a 2013 Thanksgivukkah Challah

What an exciting year for challahs!  If you’re interested in having one of the following at your Thanksgivukkah table, here’s the deal:

4-lb "Happy Turkey" Challah

4-lb “Happy Turkey” Challah

What Shapes Are Available?

  • $30 – Large “happy turkey” Challah (4-5 lbs)
  • $15 – Medium “happy turkey” Challah (2 lbs)
  • $15 – Medium “cooked turkey” Challah (2lbs)
  • $15 – 1 dozen “jelly donut” Challahs

What Flavors Are Available?

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Cornbread
  • Classic Egg (recommended for “jelly donut” challahs)
  • Combo – combine 2 challah flavors for any of the turkey-shaped challahs (“light meat” and “dark meat” for the cooked turkey challah)

When/Where Can I Pick Them Up?

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2-lb pre-baked “Cooked Turkey” Challah

  • Wednesday, November 27th —  2-7pm
  • Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day!) — 12-2:30pm
  • Friday, November 29th only available upon super-special request
  • Pickup is at our Vorspan Farms Bakery, conveniently located in the nice part of Van Nuys,  near the 405 freeway and Victory Blvd.
  • Sorry, but we don’t ship challahs.

How Do I Order?

  • Email me – Ben@vorspan.com
  • Supplies are EXTREMELY LIMITED.  I’ll probably only make 5-6 challahs available on each day.  Please email me early to reserve yours.
  • *Challahs are baked in a kosher home kitchen, made of all hectured, pareve products.

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  • Jill brownley


    Any chance you would be able/willing to ship one to ny??
    This would be the best hostesses gift ever!! So creative!!!
    :-) jill


    • |

      Sorry — I can’t ship the challahs.


  • Jens List




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