Week 38: Patriotic Challah, featuring New Flavor — Strawberry Challah

Strawberry, blueberry and plain challahs = patriotic

It’s the 4th of July weekend!  Time to get patriotic!  If there’s anything more patriotic than the American flag, it’s gotta be a homemade apple pie that looks like an American flag.  So, here ya go.

This is by far the most complex recipe I’ve made to date, since it includes three different doughs — plain (white), blueberry (blue) and strawberry (red).  Or, as you probably know them, “red, white and blue”.

You’ve seen plain been done.  You’ve seen blueberry been done.  Strawberry was quite exciting, because you’ve sort of seen it been done, but not well.  This time around, I mashed up the strawberries and added some strawberry jam, to make sure it was strawb-tastic (you’d think it would be ‘straw-tastic’, but it’s not.  The ‘b’ is correct).

So, all three doughs (with a little added food coloring, since you eat with your eyes first), then braided them together, and now you have the basic patriotic challah.

Apple Pie Challah-mode, inside

We take it one step further by revisiting the once-and-always-great apple pie challahmode masterpiece, combining it with the patriotic masterpiece, drizzling the top with red, white and blue icing, thus making it better than anything mark chagall wishes he could have made.  And this is coming from an objective 1st party.

We enjoyed our patriotic apple pie challahmode after a nice BBQ dinner on July 4th.  Hope you’ll be able to do the same next year!

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