Week 37: Smores Challah

smores challah, step 1

Can you believe it?!?  Smores Challah!  For Realz!

It wasn’t that good. But I think it was the execution that was flawed — not the concept.

As you can tell by the pictures, I flatted out the dough (which was the last of the previously-frozen low-fat dough that no one bought  ), sprinkled it with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and marshmallows.  I then rolled it up, as you would a jelly roll, put some decorative scores across the top, as well as a little but more graham cracker, and then baked it.

I was expecting a rich and decadent, thick layer of smores goodness in the middle.  Actually, I was hoping for layers of smoresness swirled throughout, like a real jelly roll, but once I rolled it and there wasnt enough dough to complete more than one revolution, I adapted my expectations. I was hoping the marshmallows would be gooey, but still identifiable, and that the whole thing would be a smores wrapped in a challah.

Smores Challah, step 2

When we cut into it, the middle was rather underwhelming.  It tasted of smores, but was really just a thin layer of desserty mush.  No little fluffy marshmallows, and not much chocolate.  The crunchy graham was completely gone.

Had I made it from scratch rather than using premade dough, I’d probably mix all the ingredients into the dough as I was adding the flour.  I think having random marshmallows and chocolate throughout the challah would be amazing, and I’m definitely going to try it at some point in the future.

So, smores challah is a yet to be finalized chapter in the Adventures in Challah chronicles.  How will it end?  Only time will tell.

Smores Challah, final product

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