Week 36: Healthy Brown Challah

healthy brown challah, with brown rice, quinoa and barley

I asked for healthy challah suggestions on Facebook (use the link in the menu area to follow me!), and while many were really great, I couldn’t get to the store.  So, enter “healthy brown challah,” filled with the bounties of our pantry — brown rice, barley and quinoa.

Surprisingly, it is possible to throw a cup of each in a rice cooker, turn it on, leave it alone for an hour, and have perfectly cooked brown rice, barley and quinoa!  I don’t know how they can all cook properly in the same pot, but they do.  So, now you know for next time.   But, keep in mind, if you try to cook all of that at one time, it starts to bubble out the top of the rice cooker, and you end up with those little quinoa remnants all over the place.

Anyway, I used a couple of cups of the healthy brown stuff, plus some soy sauce for that nutty asian brown rice flavor.  The rice was a little chewy, in an odd, “what’s this foreign hard thing in my challah?” way.  But otherwise, it was fantastic.  I think the rice kept the challah moister, even though the rice itself was a little harder/dryer.

In a nutshell, if I make it again, maybe I’ll cook the brown rice longer, or leave it out.  Otherwise, it’s a healthy brown winner!

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