Week 31: Za’atar Challah

za'atar challah

za'atar challah -- notice the specs of za't.

I’ll do two favors for you.  First, and these are in no particular order, if you don’t know what za’atar is, here’s info.  Second, I’m saving you (and by “you” I mean the couple of people that enjoyed the za’atar challahs) the steps of dipping your plain challah into a za’atar and olive oil mixture.  You’re welcome. Use the time I’ve saved you by paying it forward.

As alluded to in the preceding sentence, za’atar’s most common use in our household is as a dipping agent on shabbat, when we put a little on a plate with some olive oil, and challah is dipped into it, just as one would dip honey, hummus, or a young child at a baptism.

The preparation of the za’atar challah was rather uninspired — I made the normal challah recipe, added a few tablespoons of za’atar, and ba’bam! Za’atar challah!

The flavor was quite awesome.  You don’t need to like za’atar to enjoy za’atar challah.  In fact, I’d venture to say that if you weren’t told it had za’atar in it, and you tasted it, you’d say something like “Mmmm.  What’s that delicious flavor?”  And then, when I told you it was za’atar, you’d either say “Nice!” or “What the hell is za’atar?”  At which point I’d refer you back to the second sentence of this post.

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