Week 29: Beer Challah

I’ll be honest — I’m not a huge fan of beer bread.  I think I’ve only had it twice in my life, and twice was enough.  So, I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to make beer challah.  It was late. I didn’t know what I should make.  It was the tail-end of a two-hour beer tasting event.  It happens.  Let’s make the best of a bad situation.

the fancy shmancy beer for the beer challah

So, beer challah.  Pretty simple recipe – replace the water with beer.  Of course, the recipe calls for a combination of hot and cold water, so I microwaved the beer for a little while.  Otherwise, it was the normal recipe. You could definitely smell the beer.  I suppose if you close your eyes and think about beer, and take a swig of beer with each bite of challah, you might be able to taste the beer as well.  But, really, you couldn’t taste much beer.  It’s the beauty of this recipe — most small changes are overwhelmed by the sweet awesomeness of the basic recipe! The moral of this story: if you want a beer challah recipe that has a distinct beer flavor, start with a challah recipe that isn’t as awesome.

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