Week 26: Carrot-Craisin Challah

carrot challah dough -- notice the grated carrot and craisins

Look! Over on that cutting board! It’s carrot cake! No — It’s challah!  No — It’s carrot challah!  No… it’s actually carrot-craisin challah. But you were close. I present to you, for your consideration, a challah with the same great taste as plain or raisin challah, and as much vitamin A, B, C, E, K and beta carotene per serving as you would find in a baby carrot the size of a small child’s pinky toe!  Amazing, right!?! Learning from past cake-inspired challah variations, I began this adventure with the standard dough.  I replace a little bread flour with some whole wheat flour.  I added in some spices (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, ginger) and a little vanilla.  I then incorporated two heaping cups of finely grated carrots and a cup of craisins that I revived by soaking in water for a little while. I laid it out on a table, ran some electricity through it, and my usual 5-lb challah dough ball had frankensteined itself into a 6-lb cake-challah bastard! Just kidding about the electricity, though.  Don’t really do that to your challah. The dough rose exactly as every other challah rose, and braided the same way too.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take an “after” picture, so all I can show you is the dough, post-first rise. The results were delicious.  Carrot isn’t a particularly flavorful vegetable, so those who were concerned about the carrotiness of the challah were just being stupid, for lack of a better word.  The craisins added a much-needed zing, and the texture was exactly as you would expect. Next time you have two full costco bags of baby carrots left over from a social event, don’t hesitate to try this one out!

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