Week 24: Spinach Challah

Spinach Challah along side a Pretzel Challah

Remember how delicious Popeye made canned spinach look?  And then we found out that spinach is really kind of gross at times.  And canned spinach is really really gross all the time. Fortunately, the gross side of spinach doesn’t rear its ugly head in this week’s challah recipe.  The sweet deliciousness of the challah is accented by a mild spinach flavor and bright green color.  It’s really quite pleasant.  And healthy(ish)! I took a whole bag of fresh spinach and wilted it down to around a cup of cooked spinach.  You can use frozen, well drained spinach as well.  Just please don’t use canned spinach.  It’s not the same.  I added the cup of spinach to the normal challah recipe, which then required a little extra flour to compensate.  That’s about it. Green challah. Perfect for St. Patricks Day, and for the episode of Popeye where he was training for a marathon.

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