Week 21b: Cornbread Challah

football-shaped cornbread challahs

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and what goes better with the Superbowl than Chili!  And what goes better with chili than cornbread!  And what relevance does cornbread have with this site? When it’s challah! So, there you go.  Cornbread challah. I switched out 2 of the 8 cups of flour with cornmeal and added a little honey — maybe a tablespoon or so, and bam! Cornbread challah.  Yep, it was that easy!  And that good!  A little gritty, as cornbread sometimes is, but otherwise it was just like my son  — awesome :) Since it was baked for a Superbowl party, of course, I baked the mini challahs in a football shape.  It was well received.

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