Week 17: Seeded Whole Wheat Challah

seeded whole wheat challah, show beside chocolate chip challahs

Two weeks in a row!  We’re on a roll!  Last week the orange challah turned out better than I ever expected, and this week the whole wheat was simply amazing.  I know I say that a lot… Actually, it’s usually “the results were quite good.”  But, seriously folks, this week’s challah was awesome! A friend suggested I make something to help us stick to our new year’s resolution, and for most of us, the resolution is to eat healthier and lose a little of that baby/winter/holiday/cruise weight we’d been putting on in order to have something to take off in our “The diet starts monday” schemes.  Ironically, although this challah is made with some whole wheat flour and oat bran, Im pretty sure that ounce-to-ounce, it’s got more calories than the plain egg challah.  It’ll help you poop, though.  So that’s something.   But let’s not focus on that.  Let’s focus on the awesomeness of this challah! I replaced three of the eight cups of bread flour with whole wheat flour.  I also added a smidge of oat bran and a smadge of sunflower seeds, plus a smodge of sesame seeds (all of those, ironically, are a “half cup”.  Not sure why there are so many confusing terms for the same thing…). On top, after liberally egg-washing it risen dough, I sprinkled a little more of all three. The results, you ask?  One friend described the bread as “something I could see myself using for a sandwich.”  That’s what I like to hear! I guess… But then he also said he would use it for french toast.  So, not sure how credible he is. The official insider results, you ask?  The bread was the closest to professional that I’ve made yet!  As my friend alluded, it had a certain quality, between the flavor, texture and topping, that made it not only delicious, but better-than-homemade.  Somehow, it was also surprisingly sweet.  Not sure where that came from.  But the bottom line is that for a “healthy” bread, it didn’t taste healthy.  You’ve gotta be a fan of seeds to like the overall flavor, but it’s not the whole-grain/wheat bread that many are turned off by. A++ in my book! Probably going to make it again this week!

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  • Stacy Ratinetz


    Soft, sweet, tasty and um um good!!! I ate a 1/2 loaf so far…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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