Week 13: Latke Challah

Twas the night before hanukah, and all through the house… it smelled like a bagel shop.  Not like latkes. Not like challahs.  Like a bagel shop.  And, of course, what smells most in a bagel shop?  Your nose!  Oy.

Latke Challah -- check out the real latke flakes!

Anyway, this week was an attempt at latke challah.  I tried a half batch on Sunday to see what would happen.  I took the normal recipe, added a little garlic powder, a little onion powder (flavors you’d find in a latke, or on an everything-bagel in a bagel shop…), around a cup of mashed potatoes and a cup of grated, raw potatoes.  The results were actually quite good.  They were garlicky, oniony, and exactly what you’d expect a latke challah to taste like.  The problem was, the shredded potato disappeared.  I was hoping it would crisp up, and be a fantastical latke-challah bastard child.  It was more like a garlicky challah with the occasional weird, limp, white shred sticking out. So, today was the dress rehearsal.  We go live on Friday and can’t have any mistakes!  If we’re going to get it right, it’s gotta be today (plus Im going to a Hanukah party tonight, and would love to show them off to 30 of my friends).  This time around, rather than putting in raw potatoes, I fried them up, just like latkes (or, more accurately, like hash browns, since I left out all the seasoning, eggs, flour, etc).  I did everything else pretty much the same. Crumbled in the “latkes” as I was adding the flour, and the results were quite positive (that’s the 2nd time I used “quite” in describing the results.  what does that mean?)! It’s not like cookies and cream ice cream.  You can’t dig around and find whole latkes.  But with each bite you get a little crunch from the crispy potato shreds, and that’s exactly what I was looking for when I set out on this latke challah adventure. On the down side, we can’t get this bagel shop smell to go away.  I am sooo not hungry for bagels right now.

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  • Alisha


    did you try making one like a sufgania? with jelly in the middle?


  • Allan


    What about putting shredded potatos on top of the raw challah. Maybe those will crisp up during the final baking.


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