A Realization — Dried fruit -> Dried challah

We were sitting around the shabbat table last night when my wife commented that she’s never had a moist raisin challah.  It’s true… have you ever had a really moist raisin challah? I realized that it’s probably because the dried fruit naturally wants to rehydrate, and how else will it rehydrate than by sucking the moisture out of the challah!  Im sure there’s a more technical definition.  Perhaps a topic for a high school science class project. But then I realized that the craisins are sucking the life out of my cranberry challahs too!  Bastards! What do I do?  How do I make a cranberry (or raisin) challah that’s not dried out?!?  Obviously, you say, use grapes or non-dried cranberries.  Why don’t you try that and let me know how it goes. Post your suggestions, if you’ve get ‘em!  And until we crack this chestnut, I guess we’ll be eating cranberry bread pudding and raisin challah french toast.

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