TIP — Easier strand rolling!

I was getting increasingly irritated with the amount of time I was spending trying to roll my dough balls into braid-able strands.  For some reason, my challah recipe produces a sturdier dough, which is great for braiding, but a pain in the #$% to roll. I was so fed up, I was actually going to look online for a machine that might roll out dough easier (not that I could ever convince the Mrs. to allow another gadget in the kitchen). A few nights ago, as I was laying it bed, it dawned on me — start with strands, not balls.  Don’t cut the dough horizontally — cut it vertically (or vice-versa)! It changed my life.  Seriously.  I’m not getting as much upper body exercise as I was, but I can make a challah in a minute or two, rather than 10. In case you didn’t catch it, here’s what to do: Let’s say you have  a recipe that makes 5 challahs, so you cut the giant dough ball into 5 smaller dough balls.  Then you take 1 of the dough balls (which will make 1 challah), and stretch it a little into an oblong rather than a sphere.  Now, rather than cutting it the short way, into six small ball-shaped sections, cut it the long way, into six long rope-shaped sections.  This way, most of the work is done, and all you need to do is roll each strand for a few seconds to make it a little longer, and you’re there!  Ta Da!

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