The First Post

How does one start a blog?  Really, it doesn’t have to be that good.  After all, by the time a critical mass start paying attention, the first blog post is already so far back in the archives that people won’t even see it. It’s like the first batch of challah… not necessarily very good and soon forgotten, but still a growth experience. So, here we are.  The first post.  The first batch of challah.  They’ll both get better.  Each week the plan is to create a new batch of unique and gourmet challah by tinkering with the same original challah dough recipe handed down to me many many months ago via email from my sister. We’re about to embark on a journey of exploration, pushing the envelop, seeing just how far we can bastardize one challah recipe, and still be able to call it challah.  Five pounds of dough, once a week, and hopefully zero pounds gained by this time next year.  Is it possible?  We’ll find out together. Sit back and enjoy the wild ride.  These are my Adventures in Challah.

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